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GA Men's Hoops Stun Kent State-Tuscarawas 100-93 Through Overtime

GA Men's Hoops Stun Kent State-Tuscarawas 100-93 Through Overtime

McKeesport, Pa. - The Penn State Greater Allegheny men's basketball team trailed through majority of regulation before tying the game at 81 and sending Kent State-Tucscarawas in a daze after extra minutes, Greater Allegheny victorious 100-93.

Early contributions from senior forward Petrie Addison (Fort Myers, Fla./Florida Christian) and freshman guard Khari Hicks (Pittsburgh, Pa./Imani Christian) started out Greater Allegheny with a 10-3 lead just three minutes into the contest. Kent State-Tuscarawas closed the gap between the two teams before freshman guard Tony Patterson-Brown (Philadelphia, Pa./Roxborough) completed both of his free-throws, Tuscarawas leading 18-15 eight minutes into the match.

Addison added five as Tuscarawas continued the swell. Freshman guard Antonio Lucic-Jozak (Pittsburgh, Pa./Baldwin) polished off a lay-up before sophomore guard Denzel Boyer-London (Coatesville, Pa./Coatesville) made his mark on the board with a a free-throw and a layup. Three Greater Allegheny student-athletes knocked down buckets through the final minutes to send the game into the second half with Greater Allegheny behind 43-33.

Sophomore forward Carl London (Coatesville, Pa./Coatesville) grabbed the first points in the second half to try and come back on Tuscarawas. Six Greater Allegheny student-athletes inched their way back to only trail by four just eight minutes into the second half. 

The Greater Allegheny comeback was on as the game saw a huge momentum swing. The Lion offense hit Tuscarawas with three back-to-back three's contributed from Addison and Hicks to bring the mark to 61-58 with ten minutes left to go.

Tuscarawas continued to make buckets and inch their way away from GA only for the home team to battle on. Addison and Patterson-Brown comprised of eight points to wind the clock down to two after Tuscarawas banked all four free-throws in a row, extending the deficit 79-66. 

In 90 seconds, the momentum saw a swing to Greater Allegheny's favor. Patterson-Brown hit a layup and one to start his offense off on the run. Hicks hammered a three before Lucic-Jozak achieved a layup winding down into the final minute. Addison buzzed the crowd with a ringer of a three bringing the game to 80-77 with 30 seconds to play. Tuscarawas marked one free-throw bringing their final mark to 81 meanwhile Hicks knocks down a layup. Lucic-Jozak ignited the fire with literally one second on the board to sink the jumper and sent Greater Allegheny to their first overtime situation of the 2014-15 season. 

Greater Allegheny came into extra minutes determined to make this count. Lucic-Jozak came out hot as he hit a three. Addison completed a free-throw before Lucic-Jozak came out hummin with another three, extending the lead over Tuscarawas 88-84. Addison and Patterson-Brown continued to tally as freshman forward Alex Wood (Rockville, Md./St. John's College) amped up the atmosphere and dumped a three-pointer on Tuscarawas, 94-89. Addison demolished his last four free-throws as Hicks made a layup to complete the first game of the Penn State Greater Allegheny Tip-Off Tournament, Greater Allegheny triumphant, 100-93.

Addison finished the game by hanging up 42 points alongside 22 rebounds, his second double-double of the season. The forward posted five steals, three blocks and a steal aside from lifting the Greater Allegheny offensive efforts. Hicks ended the game with 18 points, six rebounds, four steals, four assists as he completed 2-of-4 from the free-throw line. Off the bench, Lucic-Jozak and Patterson-Brown matched one another with 14 points apiece. Patterson-Brown pulled down 13 rebounds as Lucic-Jozak had nine.

Greater Allegheny outshot Tuscarawas 32 times through the game. The home team achieved 27 points off turnovers and 19 on second-chance. The game just saw one lead change through the 85 minutes of action. 

With the win, Greater Allegheny (2-0) moves onto the Championship Game with Apprentice in the Penn State Greater Allegheny Tip-Off Tournament scheduled for 5 p.m. in Wunderley Gymnasium. You can keep up with the game by checking the game page periodically for updates. Click here.